“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering” - Bill Gates

My name is Oleg Bychenkov and I am a student in Dublin High School in Dublin, CA. Technology is all around us, and plays a crucial role in advancing society. There have been great breakthroughs in things like artificial intelligence and machine learning, and I believe that there are many more to come. Hardware is creating the body of a machine, but the software is its soul. That is why I want to become a software engineer in a leading company in these fields such as Google or Apple. I have already taken computer science based classes, and self-study programming languages or create small projects to practice and apply my skills.

My most important characteristic is being able to adapt and be creative when solving a problem. From my experience while working on school and personal projects, plans are made to be broken. If a plan works perfectly first try, then the problem being solved is not challenging enough. Challenges and barricades appear in every project, ruining every plan. The most important thing to do is to figure out how to come back and adapt to the issues that arose and understand that the initial plan is not set in stone. While it is a great guide, it is crucial to understand when it went wrong and what to do about it.

Currently, I am involved in the Hack Club which I plan to participate in all throughout high school. Hack Club is an international organization focused on computer science hackathons and projects. The main benefits that I am seeking are teamwork and leadership experiences, both of which are imperative to success on future projects. I also work with a friend on a nonprofit organization named Cohack that is focused on teaching elementary to high school students various areas of coding through projects. It's a great educational experience for me since I get to talk to people who have much less experience in the field than me. So I get valuable experience in teaching as well as debugging code. We have also already ran a full virtual hackathon all by ourselves which was an incredible and new experience that brought my experience of problem solving to a whole new level.

So far, an accomplishment in high school was the entrepreneurship project in a computer science class. This project has students all over the engineering pathway create a project that solves a problem of their choice. My group was the only freshman group to qualify for the second stage and we even ended up winning "Most Polished Product". This is a significant accomplishment for me because it was the first project that I was able to have so much freedom on in terms of teammates and the topic, so it was a fantastic experience. Despite our group having the disadvantage in the project due to the lack of practice and time to prepare compared to upper classmen who have already done the project before and had firsthand experience, we have gotten far. I also qualified for the finals of the project my sophomore and junior years, and I'm hoping we will do even better this year.

The information you can find on this website is picked out to best show my practical skills, as well as my ability to improvise and tackle new problems or knowledge. If you have any comments or suggestions you can contact me using the information provided.